Saturday, 16 June 2012

Life; Popcorn bites part Four

Like there are no beginnings without the customary “once upon a time there was a king…” there is, I believe no ending without that much awaited… “And they lived happily ever after”!!!  Being happy, seeing good and feeling elated are not what you think they are. with every heart changing,  eyeballs shuffling between men and  perception traded for optimism or lowliness, there lies a silver lining that when crossed, you actually know the magic secret to living life king size.
Big things are achieved not by preparedness but by sheer intuition and how many instances do we need to prove the same? Buoyancy was discovered when a bored Archimedes decided to take a shower in some plush Roman grand Bath (Eureka!!! Ain’t it?), gravity came to strike the cord in the maddest of all men, Newton’s head below an apple tree and I wrote my first verse at probably 3 at night (how Satanic of me) as a result of insomnia and a severe heartbreak!!! Call me overtly assertive of myself or an ardent self patronizer, I buy and strongly advert the ideal that knowing your pluses and using them to raise your TRP is no more being lame…dude, it is survival redefined!
To lose it when you do not find the way out is like pushing aside a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos just because one day they WILL get old! That is crap and come on, we all know that. Someone told me once, it is very easy to let go off the hands of the friend who is holding onto you while dropping from a cliff. It really takes courage to cling on to him. Life is treacherous and trust me, I have seen enough in life to know the plurality of the statement but then life goes on, and it means that things will fall in place too.
To go listless…give a shite about the world, juggling opinions and thoughts like you juggle glasses, keeping a by-stander for every decision (as a norm falling back on the less needed choices) and a lot more of such highlights make life the blissful odyssey it is. Imagine the Ford model of factory processes from the 19th century America. Paupers would us be and money would lead us on. Doing the same ablution day in and day out can only be life threatening, no matter how civilized the work setting be! No doubt it does provide us with the basic necessities in life (knowing the exactitude manner in which the world runs, I don’t think twice before saying so) Money might tame the wildest soul but then  some odd million years of Neanderthal genomics do crane up once a while. In such moments, life becomes a movie; the ticket of which you got for free…entertainment is what you get at the end, no matter how tumultuous the script be!