Sunday, 1 April 2012

LIFE; Popcorn Bites PART Three

The evolution of human life on earth has been rather a speculative narrative and from careless cave dwellers to the quintessential modern man, there is none but one thing that went on a retrogressive succession (of course other than the disappearance of the tail that is!)... somewhere between living life the way we are expected to and the way we actually end up living it, we inevitably lose out on the numerous chances of a spirited, upbeat life! Today a daughter...tomorrow a wife...then a homemaker...then a mother's delight, it is rather a shaky path that we traverse in this journey of life. 

Amidst the several roles we play, switching on and off effortlessly, how many of us do ponder over the basic necessities in life? Some might say, "Who has the time to waste in such listless thinking?" while others mask their inability with a parapet of indifference. Irrespective of what our current disposition in life is, a mother, a child a wife or even a nobody, it is more a rule than an exception that all of us do leave out certain things in life, not by chance but by choice!

Sometimes the day comes and brings with it a lot more than happy moments. More than often do we get up and find the corner of our lips taking a curve and the globe of our eyes, shinning in an elated pride. How many times have we smiled sheepishly and thought about what made this sudden outburst of emotions? No matter how disciplined our minds work during the daylight hours, there is always a chance of losing it to some unattended thought and it is during those vain moments of emotional nakedness that life actually finds its rightful niche!

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