Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chaperoned thoughts

There’s a song that my heart sings out to you
The string of muffled truths that hang sloppily
On this thread of live…longing to go free
With none but one thought,
That wishes to reach out to thee!

More than once did it occur to me,
From the time when we were together…
To now, when we are long afar,
Things have changed like they never did
No matter how hard tried you or tried I!

Long nights were spent,
In none but one wish…
The Isis of my heart longed to see
A sight that only in heavens were meant to be…

Maybe the dread that sluiced my mind
Did its trick in instilling it in me…
Or maybe the fact that you were gone,
Was enough to turn me a ghost indeed!

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