Friday, 27 July 2012


There she was...clad in her favorite pink gown, with a lacy head band titivating her long tresses while the long stemmed pink rose thought, “why can’t I just go and be there?”
Samara, now a girl in her primes had seen herself grow, from Daddy’s pretty princess to the dream of her one time hero. The pink spots that she had were now a long lost mystery and in place of those ugly- wiggly braces, shone little white pearls, all waiting to be adorned.
Her waist line was now the talk of the block, if not the town as a whole and eligible men from all walks of life, found time for her, howsoever tough be the course of their lives. First there were Majors from the army regime who got her alluring proposals and as the scent of her tantalizing beauty spread far and wide, came lawyers, doctors and even the Royalty alike!
Samara was petite, in more than one way she was…with her face of the size of a small melon and eyes that bore into the eyes of the sublime, she looked at them all with equal awe but never did she gave in for even one!
With the time flying by and her charm reaching new heights, her daddy now thought that it was time enough for her to decide. DECIDE!!! Samara never thought she would leave the comfort of her Daddy’s cocoon for even getting a candy from the store nearby! How could she then take a step so bold and choose a man from the dozen that came along? And say with a confident smile, “Yes Papa! He is the one who suits me and would be my man for life”!
Never in her life had she felt the warmth of her mother’s breast for, Mrs. Robert left when Samara was still a child. Her daddy was all that she ever had and never really did she complain of much, except for those few instances, when ‘Girlie’ things happened to her and she didn’t know why it bled while it pained like it never had!
So, when dearest Daddy asked, “my darling princess! Who is that who please for your life?”; poor Samara, with no heart to put her soul into, said, “Daddy, find me a man who would love me like you always did and be my best friend and mother no matter where life took us to be!”
Daddy found it sweet enough and one could see his eyes shine in an elated pride because when  daughters of the other Colonels he drank with, ran away with a barber or a baker alike, Samara valued her Daddy most over the cheap lust of a passerby.
So as she counted the days as they went by, her Daddy put his heart and soul out in finding for his princess, the perfect match… a prince to be precise. Just as the month was closing in for the year, came in the block a new merchant. He was tall, a man of dauntless courage it seemed and from the way he looked at Samara, it was clear that it was a match written in the heavens indeed.
The news of the wedding spread like a forest fire, yes it did and folks from the big town came to congratulate the lovely pair.
And there she was...clad in her favorite pink gown, with a lacy head band titivating her long tresses while the long stemmed pink rose thought, “why can’t I just go and be thee?”. The jittery bride stood there at the end of the aisle with her Daddy clasping her to life and just when the clock struck half past 10:30, she did take her first step into her new life.
Her eyes were wet, a tear rolled down the perfect white of her skin, when her Daddy kissed her a final goodbye! All those years when her father was her only hero came flashing in front of her eyes and with a heart sinking with uncertainties about the future and eyes shut in prayers, all she wished was that her man would be her Daddy in disguise!