Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mind Games

Absurd feelings catching up the mind…reminding it of the endless road, the one which it needs to cover, weakened or in strength galore.

As the journey tonight begins, all shackles would be broken… for it is important for the mind to make this way, to get what it deserves and shed what it must may!

Just as the dawn trickled down, giving way to the endless night, the orb of the mind knocked on its gate… open it should else it would be too late!
As it checked its armor and readied itself for the descent, a weak partner in crime, the clinic heart…came unnerved and shook its head!

No we must wait till the dark died”, the heart made its lament…it was clear by its diction, that it felt frail and afraid!

So, what would the mind do, for as much as it wanted to walk, it needed its friend along…the journey tonight seemed plausible, only if it had both the oars functioning upright! 

A little coaxing and a tiny bit more, was what the heart needed, for when it is about indispensable chores, the mind must take its way.

Letting dearest clinic heart to do what it intended would mean not only a journey aborted but also a sizable degree of mess.

And so, the absurd thoughts that caught up the mind gave way to clarity and as the wave of reasoning soared up high, the journey, thus began and the heart, no more clinic, trailed close by!

Life is a little more than being happy…getting what YOU THINK you deserve…doing what YOU THINK is apt. sometimes what you should want is to LIVE…happiness will surely tag along.

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